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Welcome to HistArch3D! We provide technical services in multiple areas of the digital humanities and archaeology. These services include 3D modelling, project management, photogrammetry, virtual reality programming, and digital education. All of the images you see on this website are of 3D models. Scroll down or explore the site for more info.

About Us

Harrison Forsyth B.A, M.A. (Classical Archaeology)

Since the summer of 2010, I have been involved in numerous archaeological projects in both Italy and Spain, excavating a wide array of sites from Roman villas  to military camps. During this time I have acquired skills which combine my two major passions: archaeology and digital media. With the increasing accessibility of immersive digital technologies such as virtual reality, I have been finding new ways to bring researchers, students, and tourists closer to archaeological and historical materials than ever. I am currently in the 6th year of my Ph.D and have performed photogrammetry duties for multiple archaeological projects in Italy and Spain since 2015.


Photogrammetry, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Media

As a digital humanities consultant HistArch3D offers a wide range of services, which, while separate, are not mutually exclusive.

Photogrammetry: In the field of archaeology we offer photogrammetry services that provide project directors with photorealistic 3D models of both stratigraphy and small finds. These models can be submitted with archaeological reports, used for orthographic imaging, site review, and for promotional purposes using internet media sites such as Sketchfab.  



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